Hair Extensions

First things first – as a hair extension specialist in Richmond, the health of your natural hair is my highest priority...


Keratin Bonded Extensions

Let’s set one thing straight: keratin is NOT a glue. It is a protein and a huge part of the natural structure of your own hair, skin and nails.  more  

Micro Ring Extensions

Speak Volumes uses high quality copper micro-tubes for its micro-rings application which, unlike most available on the market, are slimmer and not threaded inside and therefore do ...  more  

Hair Extension Removals

When it comes to keeping your natural hair safe, removal is just as important as application.   more  

Hair Treatments

Speak Volumes offers haircuts for ladies and gents, Olaplex treatments, masques and basic styling, such as curling your extensions for when you want to look all glam on a night out...  more