Keratin-Bonded Extensions in Kensal Rise



Let's set one thing straight: 
Keratin is NOT a glue.

It is a protein and a huge part of the natural structure of your own hair, skin and nails. Speak Volumes uses a unique, highest-quality keratin bonding method which is gentle, flexible and does not apply heat directly to your natural hair. The shape of the bonds is comparable to a rice grain and has no sharp edges. When applied and removed, on time, by a trained professional (such as your local hair extension specialist in Kensal Rise), this method DOES NOT CAUSE DAMAGE to your natural hair. I would highly recommend it, especially for finer and more fragile hair types, and have used it repeatedly myself! These extensions are perfect for men with thinning or vanishing hair, also. Cover those bald patches and enjoy the luscious, full head of hair you've always wanted! The bonds become clear in colour, are undetectable to the eye and I have complete control over the size, making is universally safe for all hair types. Keratin bonds last up to 3 months, with the correct care.





  • Undetectable
  • Flexible
  • Transparent, making it easier to hide (especially in highlighted & multi-colour hair)
  • Enables complete control over the size of extensions, allowing application even in the fringe area (Mini Connections) and on very fine hair, without pulling or showing.
  • Keratin is a natural protective ingredient of the hair and skin structure.
  • 80%-95% of hair can be re-used.


  • Less hair can be re-used than with the micro-ring method.
  • As a bonded method, it requires the use of a special solution during removal.


Mini Connections

Mini Connections are SV's unique system, made up of a very small, undetectable type of keratin bonds. They are suitable for very area-focused problems, where hair is fine and coverage would be an issue using larger bonds. The ideal use of Mini Connections would be to thicken up fringes or fill up the very front of the hair. Their tiny size makes them safe, invisible and effective in fixing problems no other method can. The sky is the limit and Mini Connections are the proof! Enquire now for a bespoke quote.




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