Micro-Ring Extensions in Kensal Rise



Slimmer, better looking and allergy friendly

Micro-rings are what I would describe as a more “mechanical” hair extensions application method, meaning that no chemicals or solutions of any kind are used directly on your natural hair, during application or removal. Speak Volumes micro-rings are hand blended from loose ponytails for the perfect colour match and bonded one-by-one for each client. The rings are slightly longer, but flatter than the commonly used ones, giving a better grip to your extensions (fewer fall-outs). They also completely cover the I-tip, which is more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. 

Copper rarely causes allergies and, in any case, the rings have an anti-allergy coating on them, to give you that additional protection. If you are really worried, you can always ask me to apply a test ring on your hair, free of charge, during your consultation to check for allergic reaction. This will ensure that they're compatible with your body and give you that extra peace of mind.





Great for re-using hair and reducing costs overtime

There is a large choice of colours, sizes and extra features to fit all individual needs. Micro-ring extensions last up to 3 months at a time, with the right care, and are a particularly good choice if your main aim is to re-use hair multiple times, as you can re-apply up to 100% of hair with minimum loss of the length. This will save you money and reduce waste. Professionally applied and removed by your hair extension specialist in Kensal Rise, this method DOES NOT CAUSE DAMAGE to your natural hair.




  • No solutions necessary for application or removal
  • The bonds are more on the flat side, unlike the keratin-bond “rice grain” shape, and almost undetectable to the touch in more limp types of hair.
  • The rings used by Speak Volumes have no threading inside, unlike those used by other providers. Therefore, they do not cut through your natural hair. They are also flatter, thinner and more comfortable to wear and do not contain aluminium.
  • The method is known for the minimal shedding that comes from the bonds, when professionally applied.
  • With this method you can re-use up to 100% of the hair.
  • Being copper, they are not a problem when having MRI scan. The scan won't rip the hair out, as they are non-magnetic.


  • As the rings are copper, there is a large variety of colours available but, unlike keratin, they do not become transparent.
  • In rare cases, Micro-Rings might be unsuitable for people with a high sensitivity to copper (test extensions recommended).
  • There is a slight constraint on the bond size, due to ring being metal, in comparison to the completely flexible keratin. However, the rings offered by SV also come in various sizes.




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